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About ITBros

ITBros is your trusted partner in delivering Innovative Technology Solutions to your business

Our primary mission

To help our clients leverage their existing systems, data, and network infrastructure to their fullest capacity.  We strive to become our clients’ technology partners in Salesforce Development, Data Integration services, Web Development, and Infrastructure Support.

Results in Weeks, Not Years
  • Transform vision into technology solutions by combining our business expertise with a comprehensive understanding of your existing infrastructure, systems and line of business applications.
  • Deliver business solutions by reviewing and mapping your current business process; optimize, where necessary, and utilize our iterative deployment approach
  • Create an innovative business solution that fits your business needs in short time and at an affordable cost
  • Find opportunities to integrate systems to streamline and optimize operations
  • Help your team and employees to transition, appreciate and foster any system changes by engaging them throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

What we do?


We specialize in Salesforce Development and Office 365 migration.

We make Data Integration between cloud and on-premise systems Easy & Simple.

We build web applications to connect you closer to your customer and bring value and retention.

Having network, server, wireless or security issue? Infrastructure support is our speciality.

ITBros Services

Salesforce Services
Data Integration
Web Development
Infrastructure Support
Salesforce Services

We understand what our clients are looking for in a CRM system. We measure success by results, and we know how to deliver solutions that will drive your business forward and support future growth.

Data Integration
Do you have any of the following challenges?
  • We have two or more systems that need to integrated so data is synchronized across all systems.
  • We have data in our accounting system but we need a way to automate sending our customers order acknowledgment and invoicing. We want to be like the Amazon of the world.
  • We are manually collecting data from different sources to build sales reports; it takes a lot of time and efforts to collect and publish the reports on time. Reports are critical for us to understand customers purchasing behaviors, and to be able to make strategic and competitive decisions.
  • We need to export certain data from different data sources to help with our Marketing automation.
 Data integration is the answer to any of the above challenges. Understanding your needs, list your requirements, build a data workflow around your disparate systems is what we do. We work closely with you and your team to map and implement data integration solution that will give you the information you need to make sound decision for your business. Contact us and will help you assess the right data integration solution for your business.

For More information about our Database Solutions (Business Intelligence and Database Support), click on this link
Database Solutions

Web Development
Free Web development services. No, we are not crazy! We believe helping our local small business owners to reach out to their customers through the digital media is our responsibility. We feel sense of pride and accomplishment when we work with a business owner to develop a website where he can relay his message, products, business identity and branding.

For more details, please check out our Free Web development request page for more details.

B2B Web Portal Development. Business to Business Portal (B2B) is a secured multi-users web portal that is tailored to your top accounts. B2B portal is typically integrated with you existing Accounting software, product catalog, price catalog, ERP, WMS, Service management software and any line of business applications you have that can provide your customers with accurate and up to date information about their account.

Typical B2B portal will have information related to each of your customer accounts. Information such as:

  • Orders and invoices
  • Products information (location, licenses, maintenance history, etc)
  • Contract information • Product catalog for purchasing online (B2B Ecommerce)
  • Online chat for faster support Our B2B portal solution include B2B web design, B2B website development, systems integration, business process automation, and web hosting

Contact us today and will demonstrate a B2B portal demo.

Infrastructure Support

Networking is the cornerstone for effective business application operation. We can architect, configure, install, and train on how to effectively deploy switches, VPN, wireless, and firewall for networking security.

Topology Evaluation & Design. Is your local area network performance suffering due to your network topology? ITBros conducts a comprehensive analysis of your network topology and systems requirements. This assessment helps us design a network solution to eliminate problems affecting your network performance.

Equipment & Execution. We set up robust security features for improving data security and maximizing network performance. You can count on us to decide which network elements, such as routers, switches and wireless access points are most suitable for your needs. Vendors’ best practices are always followed when installing the components and in other matters.

Vulnerability Prevention. At ITBros we complement the usage of advanced software and quality hardware with our proven methodologies and intelligent network configuration. This combination enables us build a secure and efficient network in the most cost-effective way possible.

VPN Protection and Remote Access. To help you manage an efficient mobile workforce we provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for a secure working environment. This protected network connects your workforce seamlessly and securely, letting them access relevant resources regardless of their location.

Robust Networks for Zero Downtime We believe that network functionality should not be taken for granted. This is why we build robust networks that are not prone to hardware faults. For instance, if a router goes down, the network will identify the issue and seamlessly reroute traffic. You can continue your operations without any holdup, while we repair the inoperative router.

Wireless Infrastructure Solutions. It’s hard to imagine a modern workplace without some sort of wireless networking. ITBros can help you setup a wireless infrastructure to augment your existing network environment. This is an excellent way be more flexible and efficient, and to grow as an intelligent, modern enterprise.

Wireless Site Survey. We examine the proposed location of your wireless network to plan an optimized wireless infrastructure. Potential issues are identified and resolved.

Wireless Security.Like all network solutions, the wireless infrastructure we offer utilizes data encryption for maximum security.

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Who we are?

We are ITBros


Founded by two brothers and supported by a team of experts with specialized skill-sets, ITBros are based in Windsor, Ontario and has over 20 years of collective experience in the Information Technology industry. We invest in people, skills, and adapt to new technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver to you different solutions that best fit your company’s needs. We also leverage our partnership with Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce.com and other leading technology suppliers.

ITBros has a distinctive structure and size that allows it to be, focused, agile, and efficient, in delivering its solutions. Our expertise extends to industries including manufacturing, logistics, accounting, real estate, healthcare, and other similar industries. We provide business owners the advantage they need to succeed in their industry by delivering them affordable and beneficial IT solutions that work.

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